Drain Repairs in Luton

Drain Repair in Luton, Dunstable, St Albans & Throughout Bedfordshire

Here at SB Drain Services, we carry out any kind of drain repair. From a small patch repair to pipework replacements, we recognise that our domestic, commercial and industrial clients have their own unique requirements, so we tailor our approach to meet them. Whether through a lack of maintenance or as the result of an external influence such as ground movement or tree root ingress, we understand that damaged pipes need to be fixed quickly and to the very highest of standards. With health hazards, emotional distress, disruption to daily schedules and rising costs all suddenly very real concerns, property owners need a drainage contractor they can trust.


The team at SB Drain Services has more than 15 years of specialist experience in the drainage industry as well as NADC accreditation. When it comes to drain repair in Luton, Dunstable, St Albans or anywhere in the Bedfordshire area, we offer our clients a responsive service guaranteed to find a swift solution.


Our drain repair service includes:


  • Drain Resin Lining
  • Patch Repairs
  • Pipework Replacement
  • New Drain Connections
  • No-Dig Technology
  • Drain Excavations
  • Tree Root Cutting
  • Manhole Chamber Repairs


Quite simply, when it comes to drain repair in Luton or any of the neighbouring areas, SB Drain Services does it all. For more information regarding any of the services above, please contact us.

A Closer Look at Drain Repairs


Below, we have outlined in more detail what our customers can expect from our drain repair services.



As drainage pipes in Luton and the Bedfordshire area age, they naturally become more susceptible to damage. Like any product, they have a finite lifespan that eventually results in failure. However, in our position as a vastly experienced drainage contractor, we can fully restore and re-round the majority of faulty pipes through the process of resin lining, making them serviceable for decades to come.


This process falls into the ‘no-dig’ category as it doesn’t require excavation. In fact, not only does our team carry out work without damaging the surface, they also minimise overall site disruption too.


Resin lining involves a felt sleeve impregnated with a mixture of resin (usually polyester) and a catalyst hardener. Having inserted this product into the effected pipe, the sleeve is inflated to snugly fit its dimensions. A continued supply of air pressure holds the sleeve in place until it cures.


When complete, this drain repair method provides a seamless tube with improved friction and minimal maintenance requirements. Simple cleaning on a regular basis keeps these pipes in optimal condition.




As the drainage contractor of choice, we perform this no-dig method of drain repair on cracked or leaking pipes damaged in only one or two areas. In these cases, a full re-lining service simply isn’t needed.


The process involves an inflation packer wrapped around with a piece of fibreglass soaked in a silicate resin. We then manoeuvre this into the damaged area of the drainage system, inflate the packer and leave it to cure.


The resultant repairs have impressive structural integrity as well as a high resistance to heat and chemicals. Patch repairs remain the ideal solution for isolated faults in long runs.




In some cases, drainage pipes suffer damage to such an extent that excavation services have to take to place in order lay replacements. We recognise that the term “excavation” conjures images of huge holes in the ground and heavy-duty machinery, but that isn’t always the case. More often than not, we only need to utilise a mini digger, and sometimes nothing more than a fork and shovel. Every site that we work on in Luton, Dunstable, St Albans and the surrounding areas holds its own challenges, so it’s best to get in touch to discuss your own personal situation.


The common unifying factor in the pipework replacement projects that we undertake as a drainage contractor remains an inability to fix the issue with resin lining. Whether as a result of soil subsidence or tree roots that have penetrated and grown, a collapsed pipe simply needs to be renewed.


However, this drain repair method does offer our clients peace of mind moving forwards. With our time-served techniques and use of premium-quality materials, a pipework replacement project, when well-maintained, offers a highly functional drainage system for many years to come.

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