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Rat in drain

Do you need a pest control investigation?

Defected drains are the source of as much as 90% of internal rat problems. Rodents can cause emotional, electronic, and contamination damage. At SB Drain Services Ltd, we are the drainage and pest control contractor of choice for clients in Luton and neighbouring areas.
We must locate the point of entry for rodents by performing a CCTV drainage survey. We can then effectively proof your property with rat flaps, non-return valves, and drain repairs. By using drain survey cameras for rat control, we can locate the source of the rodent infestation and provide the most appropriate solution

Rodent Investigation Surveys in Bedfordshire, Hertfordshire and North London

Here at SB Drain Services Ltd we have experience in pest control solutions. If you have a rodent infestation that has arisen due to drainage issues we can help.

Common proofing measures include:

  • Installation of rat flaps

  • Installation of non-return valves

  • The repair of broken drains



We understand that rats and mice in and around a property not only causes emotional distress, but greatly increases the likelihood of damaged cables as well as contamination issues. As such, we carry out a swift, thorough CCTV drain survey to identify the point of entry before carrying out the most appropriate rodent-proofing action.

If you require a rodent investigation in the Hertfordshire or Bedfordshire area call 01582 968200

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