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Blocked Drain in Welwyn Garden City | What are the Risks?

With over 16 years of trade and industry experience, our drainage contractors at SB Drain Services Ltd have seen a wide range of causes for blocked drains. From dry leaves and tree roots to sanitary products and wet wipes, blockages can cause no end of problems for homeowners and businesses around the Welwyn Garden City area. While our expert personnel have the necessary skill to deal with indoor and outdoor drain blockages, we believe that prevention is the best cure for a blocked drain.


This page provides some useful information to help our customers in Welwyn Garden City understand the potential consequences of blocked and backed-up drains, and why it is important to resolve the issue sooner rather than later.


Some of the unpleasant effects of having a cracked, blocked or broken drain include:

  • Poor Drainage – One of the most obvious and immediate side-effects of a blocked drain is that it leads to poor drainage. Not only can this be highly frustrating, but it can cause wastewater to travel back up your pipes.
  • Leaks – Water cannot easily pass through a clogged pipe, which usually results in a leak. Not only will this damage your pipes and potentially lead to cracks, but wastewater can also seep into walls and floors, creating water stains, warping, mould and mildew. If you live in Welwyn Garden City, contact our drainage contractors as soon as you detect a blocked drain, so that we can prevent a leak from occurring. We also perform drain repairs if necessary.
  • Foul Odours – A big enough blockage will completely stop water from passing through the pipe, which prevents moisture from soaking up the unpleasant smells of waste. Likewise, stagnant water stuck in the pipe can be a cause of foul odours, especially if the blockage traps food and other forms of decomposing waste.
  • Dirty Water – A blocked drain is a breeding ground for bacteria, especially if food and waste become trapped in the blockage. Our drainage contractors urge clients in Welwyn Garden City to deal with this issue immediately, as dirty water poses a serious health risk.
  • Health Issues – Not only can dirty water be harmful to your health, but the odours of a blocked drain can affect people with asthma or airborne allergies. Some severe blockages can contaminate the water of your property in Welwyn Garden City, leading to skin irritations.

As time-served drainage contractors specialising in such services as drain maintenance, drain repair work and CCTV drain surveys, we know the importance of keeping your drains as clear as possible. Issues such as fat and grease build-up, sanitary products, excess toilet paper and an accumulation of hair can restrict the flow of water through the pipes of your property in Welwyn Garden City, which may eventually lead to a blocked drain.


In the kitchen, always scrape food into the bin first so that it does not go down your drainpipes and, if possible, use a grease trap for leftover cooking oil. When using the bathroom, avoid flushing anything down the toilet apart from toilet paper, as even products like baby wipes can cause a blockage.

Call our drainage contractors on 01582 968 200 or 07710 452 451 for drain maintenance, drain repairs, drain surveys and blocked drain clearance in Welwyn Garden City.

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