Drainage Contractor in Watford | The Top 4 Reasons for a Blocked Drain

If you notice standing water in the bath or shower, then a blocked drain may be the culprit. This also applies to toilets, leading to a great deal of stress in the process. Here at SB Drain Services, we deal with drains throughout the Watford area and have a full understanding of the most common causes. These are often avoidable too, largely due to poor maintenance of the system as it collects a variety of unwanted items. Our drainage contractors are skilled in drain repair and drain maintenance, and offer sage advice on the best ways to keep your system functional in the longer term.


We use CCTV drain surveys to gain a full understanding of your blocked drain. Please contact us for a prompt, highly proficient drain maintenance service in the Watford area.

Wet Wipes and Other Foreign Objects


Although toilet paper is designed for easy flushing, few people realise the danger that comes with the flushing of wet wipes. Built from non-woven fabrics, wet wipes can build up over time, leading to a clogged toilet and blocked drain. As professional drainage contractors serving Watford and the surrounding areas, we also see children’s toys and other household items lodged in domestic drainage systems.


Tree Roots and Foliage


Our drain surveys often reveal the intrusion of tree roots and foliage. These roots obstruct the flow of waste, preventing it from passing through the systems efficiently. This occurs because tree roots are naturally attracted to water vapour escaping from your pipes, and will continue to grow until removed by a professional team.


Oil, Grease and Fatbergs


Our drain repair and drain maintenance specialists advise that all homeowners in Watford discard their fatty substances in the proper fashion, rather than pour them down the sink or toilet. Although oil and fat remain liquids under intense heat, they soon solidify when subjected to colder temperatures. Once cooled, they create a tough barrier that prevents the smooth flow of water. This issue grows over time, creating enormous fatbergs that are far more costly to deal with later on.


Leaks, Breakages and Pipe Collapse


If your drainage system suffers from a major breakdown, then our talented drainage contractors can help. Using reliable CCTV drain surveys, we fully inspect the state of your pipes at the outset. This allows us to approach any cracked or collapsed drainage systems with the appropriate industry tools. We undertake drain surveys and drain repairs across the Watford area and help local property owners with drain maintenance to keep their systems working efficiently.


If you have a blocked drain and require expert help, please contact our friendly team at your earliest convenience. We perform drain repairs at an affordable cost.

To discuss the main causes of blocked drains in the Watford area, please contact our trusted drainage contractors on 01582 968 200 or 07710 452 451.

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