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Drain Repairs in Leighton Buzzard | How to Avoid Frozen Pipes

Cold winters can cause havoc with drainage systems. When the water in pipes falls below 4 degrees, it begins to freeze and expand, putting pressure on the pipes. This results in leaks and burst pipes which require professional drain repairs to fix. We know you don’t want to be dealing with floods and lack of running water, especially in the winter, which is why we’ve provided a handy guide on how to prepare for the colder months. As an experienced drainage company, we offer a range of services to keep your property in Leighton Buzzard free from burst and blocked drains. This includes CCTV drain surveys, resolving blocked toilets and periodic maintenance.


The following tips will help you avoid frozen pipes and all the further issues these can cause.

1. Regularly inspect pipes throughout the year, especially those directly outside your property. To ensure your system is in good condition, we recommend a CCTV drain survey before the temperature drops. This is the most efficient and accurate way to identify holes, weak spots and cracks.

If we notice any problems, we carry out drain repairs to prevent cold weather making these issues worse.


2. This leads to our next point. Customers in Leighton Buzzard should make sure to fix any leaks or blocked drains as soon as they appear. Drain repairs are much easier when the crack is small and resolving any drainage problems quickly is key to avoiding bigger issues.


This includes blocked toilets as well as sinks, baths and any other part of your system. When we provide unblocking services, we also carry out a CCTV drain survey.


3. If you have any pipes outside your home that are above ground, we recommend insulating them with specialist circular insulation. This helps prevent temperatures in the pipe getting too low, which can lead to frozen water and burst pipes.


4. Another way to prevent your pipes in Leighton Buzzard from getting too cold is by keeping your heating on low throughout the winter. Again, this helps minimise the risk of burst or leaking pipes. This is especially important if you go away during the winter – the last thing you want is to come home to water damage.


If damage does occur to your pipes, call SB Drain Services as soon as possible for reliable drain repairs.


5. Customers in Leighton Buzzard should check drain grates and covers. During the autumn, falling leaves and other debris easily clog outside grates. This leads to blocked drains and all the issues this can cause. You should clear leaves and other items as soon as you notice them.


As a specialist drainage company, we offer solutions to any problems you may have in Leighton Buzzard. From blocked toilets to full CCTV drain surveys, we have the solutions you need. If you do experience blocked, burst or leaking systems during the winter, we’re only a phone call away.

Get in touch with SB Drain Services on 01582 968 200 or 07710 452 451 for drain repairs and maintenance advice in Leighton Buzzard and the surrounding areas.

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