Maintenance & Drain Cleaning Services in Luton

Drain Maintenance in Luton, St Albans, Dunstable & Bedfordshire

SB Drain Services conducts preventative drain maintenance work for domestic, commercial and industrial clients in the Bedfordshire area. Located in Caddington, we operate as a drainage contractor in Luton, Dunstable, St Albans and the surrounding areas. With over 15 years of trade and industry experience, as well as membership with the NADC and certification from the BPCA, we offer a bespoke solution designed to suit the requirements of each individual client and their specific drainage system.


When it comes to drainage systems, it’s impossible to avoid every single problem. Eventually, an unforeseen issue, be it an unexpected blockage or a cracked pipe, will arise out of nowhere. However, the meticulous preventative drain maintenance that we provide plays a vital role in minimising any unnecessary damage and subsequent disruption.


With us as their drainage contractor, our clients in Luton, Dunstable, St Albans and the neighbouring areas benefit from the following services:


  • Drainage Systems Operating at Optimal Efficiency
  • Reduced Likelihood of Undetected Damage
  • Less Chance of Disruptive Repair Work in the Future
  • The Expertise & Experience to Solve Any Issue


Quite simply, we want to protect our clients in all sectors from the stress, cost and hazards of blocked and damaged drains. By acting proactively instead of reactively, homeowners and business owners can go about their usual daily routines with one less thing to worry about.


If you’d like to schedule ongoing drain maintenance at a property in Luton or anywhere else in Bedfordshire, please contact us.

Drain Maintenance | What to Expect


When it comes to drain maintenance, the most common issue we encounter as a drainage contractor is build-ups of sediment and scale. When well-managed, these accumulations don’t have the opportunity to grow into anything that constitutes a blockage. In order to get the best possible insight into drainage conditions, we utilise a CCTV drain survey to monitor the system at hand. If we uncover any kind of build-up, we perform the required drain cleaning or electro-mechanical descaling.


Electro-mechanical cleaning proves particularly important in spaces with no water supply, or in areas where using water isn’t advisable, for example, in the space above a suspended ceiling or in an occupied building.


Similarly, we might employ high-pressure water jetting to remove a blockage, but discover a hidden cause, usually in the form of scaling or root ingress, that will lead to the same issue again in the future.


In these cases, we undertake electro-mechanical cleaning that cuts away scale build-ups, intruding tree roots and food or fat deposits. By using flexible steel rods equipped with sprung steel cutters, this machinery provides a simple yet highly effective tool in drain maintenance.


From small bore pipework to urinal pipes, and from blocked internal stack pipes to kitchen sink waste pipework, SB Drain Services provides the ideal solution to keep drains at their maximum flow capacity.


For more details on drain maintenance services from a trusted drainage contractor in Luton, Dunstable, St Albans and the wider Bedfordshire area, call 01582 968 200 or 07710 452 451.