Drain Unblocking Services in Luton & Surrounding Areas

Blocked Drain in Luton, St Albans & Bedfordshire | Swift & Responsive Solutions

Here at SB Drain Services, we provide rapid clearance solutions for blocked drains in the Bedfordshire area. Whether it’s a residential home in Luton, a school in Dunstable or a hotel in St Albans, we offer a superior service with a quick turnaround in order to get things back to normal again. As a drainage contractor with more than 15 years of trade and industry experience, we diagnose the cause of a blocked drain and utilise specially designed equipment such as rods and jet washers to safely remove the problem.


From common materials to surprising one-offs, we have experienced a wide range of blocked drains in our time. No matter what the situation, however, we have successfully removed every blockage presented to us. As such, it comes as little surprise that a significant amount of our business comes from repeat customers or their recommendations to family and friends.


Quite simply, as a drainage contractor, we operate with 100% customer satisfaction as a priority.


Some of the causes of a blocked drain include:


  • Fat & Grease Build-Up
  • Accumulation of Hair
  • Toiletries
  • Tree Leaves
  • Tree Roots
  • Plastic Bags
  • Excess Toilet Paper
  • Small Items of Clothing


For the ultimate peace of mind, SB Drain Services provides a 24-hour emergency callout service in Luton and the surrounding areas. If misfortune strikes, no matter the hour, our personnel are on hand to help.


If you suspect you have a blocked drain at your property, please contact us.

Clearing a Blocked Drain | What to Expect


In the majority of cases, we remove drain blockages through simple, time-served methods. From small bore internal pipework, kitchen wastes and toilet pans to external wastes, usually utilise drain rods and high-pressure water jetting.  However, we also have the capability to employ a range of other equipment and machinery including plungers, kinetic rams, mechanical augers and mini high-pressure jetting.


Below, we have taken a closer look at the most common processes involved in removing the blockages that we experience in Luton, Dunstable, St Albans and the neighbouring areas.

Drain Rods

This piece of equipment consists of several stiff, yet flexible, rods approximately one metre in length. We screw these rods together end-to-end to create a far longer piece of apparatus. A range of heads can be applied to the end of a drain rod to suit the demands of the job at hand. For example, a pivoting flat metal plate works to scrape away various build-ups while a double helix auger removes thin young tree roots.


We insert the fully extended drain rod into the drainage system via an access point. In the majority of chases, this usually takes the form of a manhole chamber following the removal of the cover.


From here, we slide the rod through the pipework to reach the blockage, ensuring a turning motion that tightens the screws. As an experienced drainage contractor, we recognise that turning a rod in the wrong direction only loosens the screws, which could eventually lead to components breaking off in the pipe itself. Naturally, this only exacerbates the blockage.


Once located, our personnel take the required action to remove the blockage at hand. This includes applying force to break down a build-up or hooking material out and retrieving it from the manhole chamber to prevent another blockage further down the system.


In order to ensure the blocked drain has been fully cleared, we run a series of tests to ensure the constant flow of water through the pipework.

High Pressure Jet Washing

Ideal for the emergency clearing of a blocked drain in Luton or as part of scheduled drainage maintenance in Dunstable or St Albans, high pressure water jetting provides an ideal solution for a range of drain clearance needs. We hold the relevant certification for jetting services as required for NADC membership, as well as 15 years of trade and industry experience using this equipment and other forms of mechanical drain machinery. It remains essential that a professional drainage contractor carries out these services as the pressurised jet of water has the power to cut off fingers and toes when placed in the wrong hands.


We conduct high pressure jet washing for domestic, commercial and industrial clients in order to remove grease and scale deposits, to unblock pipes and to cut tree roots. The blast of air and water breaks down even the most stubborn of blockages, ensuring that it gets flushed away without any damage to the pipework. If damage already exits, we provide a drain lining service to create a watertight seal.


In regard to ongoing drain maintenance, regular high-pressure jetting ensures that build-ups and deposits don’t get the chance to grow into more serious blockages. Not only does this guarantee a consistent flow of water, it also drastically reduces the likelihood of costly, disruptive drainage work in the future.


To view examples of our services in action, please visit the gallery page.

If you have a blocked drain at your property in Luton, Dunstable, St Albans or the neighbouring areas, call 01582 968 200 or 07710 452 451.