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Operating out of Caddington, SB Drain Services Ltd are a company of drainage contractors with over 16 years’ trade and industry experience around the Harpenden area. We specialise in such services as CCTV drain surveys, drain repair work, drain maintenance and blocked drain clearance, and we have developed a reputation for offering swift and responsive solutions. If you’ve experienced a serious leak, overflow or electrical damage, this may be the result of a blocked drain.


In case it’s an issue you can’t resolve by yourself, we are happy to come and deal with it for you, offering a 24-hour emergency callout service for domestic and commercial customers alike.


This page offers some insight on how our drainage contractors discover the cause of a blocked drain in the Harpenden area, and how we resolve the issue.

CCTV Drain Surveys


SB Drain Services Ltd utilises the latest CCTV drain survey technology to discover the cause of a blocked drain. We use a full colour digital camera attached to cabling, which allows us to take a clear and detailed look at the issue without getting our hands dirty. Not only can the cable extend to extremely long distances, but it can also easily work its way into small and confined areas.


The live feed provides us with all the information we need to pinpoint the exact location of the blockage, as well as the cause. This then enables our drainage contractors to determine the most suitable method of clearing a blocked drain in Harpenden.


We also use drain survey technology to assist us with general drain maintenance and drain repair.


Drain Rods


A single rod measures roughly one metre in length but can form part of a much longer piece of equipment once screwed together in an end-to-end manner. After a drain survey has revealed the cause of a blockage, our drainage contractors attach the head type most suited to tackling the issue. We then start to feed the extended rod into the pipe through an access point, until we have located the source of the blockage. Once we have encountered the cause, such as a build-up of dry leaves or plastic bags, we employ the necessary action to deal with the issue.


When tackling a blocked drain in the Harpenden area, we always carry out a series of tests afterwards to ensure we have resolved the issue.

High-Pressure Jet Washers


If a drain survey reveals issues such as fatty deposits and stubborn tree roots, then our drainage contractors require the use of something much more powerful than drain rods. In such cases, we employ high-pressure jet washing tools to blast a blockage with air and pressurised water. Not only does this break down the cause of the blocked drain, but it also washes away the debris without damaging the existing pipework.


Our drainage contractors also utilise high-pressure jet washers when carrying out drain maintenance, to prevent the build up of fatty deposits and other causes of blocked drains in the Harpenden area.


If you suspect you have a blocked drain on your property, SB Drain Services Ltd has the experience, knowledge and personnel to tackle any situation.

Call our drainage contractors on 01582 968 200 or 07710 452 451 for drain maintenance, drain repairs, drain surveys and blocked drain clearance in Harpenden.

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