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In our role as a drainage contractor for domestic, commercial and industrial clients in the Dunstable area, we always strive to find new ways to make our services more beneficial. Whether property owners require ongoing drain maintenance, a CCTV drain survey, the clearing of a blocked drain or emergency drain repair, we aim to offer optimal value for money in every respect. This dedication to outstanding customer service, as well as our consistently impressive workmanship, has seen our reputation as a drainage contractor continue to rise.


As both new and returning clients come to us for drainage services, an increasing number of property owners in Dunstable discover the advantages of utilising our expertise.


We have taken a closer look below at some the benefits that come with our core services.

Advantages to Our Drainage Services

    When it comes to benefits, a CCTV drain survey provides our clients in Dunstable with a surprising amount. First and foremost amongst these remains the speed at which we can analyse a leaking or blocked drain. With the latest in digital camera technology and a real-time live-feed, the situation can be uncovered without any wasted time.

    This clear image also provides an accurate diagnosis. Quite simply, we can see everything within the pipework. As a drainage contractor with over 15 years of specialist experience, we know exactly what we’re looking for, and a CCTV drain survey delivers all the information we need to know. From a tree root causing a blocked drain to cracks from subsidence, we know exactly what drain maintenance and drain repair to recommend.

    Perhaps most importantly, a CCTV drain survey offers our clients maximum cost-effectiveness. With the speed of diagnosis, the lack of excavation and disruption as well as the rectifying drain repair or drain maintenance work, we remain onsite in Dunstable for a considerably shorter time when compared with more traditional drain survey techniques.

    As with any functional system, regular drain maintenance performed by an expert drainage contractor keeps every kind of pipework operating at full capacity. So often “out of sight, out of mind”, drainage systems get forgotten about. With a lack of monitoring, what would have been smaller, easy-to-fix issues develop into serious, expensive problems.

    As such then, the primary benefit of drain maintenance remains a reduced likelihood of a blocked drain. Our personnel catch small scale and fat deposits before they have the opportunity to grow, washing them away to return pipes to their normal state. While this keeps the flow at its normal rate, it also helps to eliminate nuisance smells. A whole of host materials trapped in the moist, dirty environment of drainage pipes can soon start to kick up a stench, and that smell usually drifts into your home

    As with a CCTV drain survey, drain maintenance also plays an important role in lowering the overall expenses of hiring a drainage contractor. Regular short visits to keep systems clear and functional offer much more value for money than neglecting drain maintenance and waiting for damage on a much larger, more disruptive scale.

    Needless to say, when it comes to drain repair, the primary benefit remains the return of a fully functional drainage system. Property owners in Dunstable who suffer serious damage such as a collapsed or cracked drain have no other choice but to undergo excavation work to replace their old system with a new one. Naturally, this method carries the most expense and disruption, but drain maintenance can usually help to avoid this.

    For smaller scale drain repair work that doesn’t require excavation, ‘no-dig’ alternatives such as resin lining offer a host of benefits. As a non-invasive procedure, resin lining involves the drainage contractor inserting a felt sleeve impregnated with a catalyst hardener and the resin itself. We then inflate this sleeve to the size of the pipework onsite in Dunstable, leaving the resin to cure.

    After deflation of the sleeve, our customers have continuous, seam-free pipework ready to perform for many years to come.

Call 01582 968 200 or 07710 452 451 to discuss everything from a blocked drain emergency to drain repair work in the Dunstable area.

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